Economical and Humane Patient Isolation Solutions & Research Isolators

Protect Patients, Staff and Researchers

Negative pressure patient isolation containment canopy.

Negative pressure hospital bed isolation containment canopy is completely enclosed.

Covid 19 virus

CBC's negative pressure hospital bed isolation chamber is a temporary containment room designed to help isolate infectious patients that have airborne viruses or other dangerous infections such as COVID 19, ebola and influenza.

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Patient Isolation Canopy back view.

Patient Isolation Canopy side view.

Patient Isolation Canopy cutaway view.

Economical, Flexible Film, Negative Pressure Containment Units and Research Isolators for Controlled Environments

Negative pressure, flexible film research isolator.

Research Isolators

Negative Pressure – For personnel protection and product containment. With negative pressure isolators the air is pulled out of the isolator, which creates a lower pressure inside the chamber than the ambient room pressure.

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Negative pressure containment unit.

Containment Units

Negative Pressure – For the containment of pathogens such as the Covid 19, H5N1 (the avian flu), H1N1 (the swine flu) and Bacillus anthracis (anthrax); and for necropsy tables to prevent the potential spread of organisms during a necropsy.

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Decontamination Chamber

Decontamination Chambers

Flexible-Film Decontamination Chambers designed to decontaminate small items such as scales and microscopes. The unit size is customizable. Can be made to accommodate IVC racks.

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