Negative Pressure Containment Units

CBC's Flexible Film (Softwall) Containment Units are both Durable and Economical.

Negative pressure containment units.

Above: A negative pressure, flexible film (softwall) containment unit that is designed to be a necropsy room, with enough space for a necropsy table, waterline, discharge collection and pass in/out transfer port (restricted access barrier unit)

Negative Pressure, Flexible-Film (Softwall), Containment Units Designed to Protect Workers and Surrounding Environment!

You Should Consider the Cost Saving Advantages of Flexible Film (Softwall) Containment Units for the Containment of Highly Pathogenic Organisms or Potent Compounds.

For researchers, CBC has manufactured flexible film containment units for containment of pathogens such as the Covid 19, H5N1 (the avian influenza), H1N1 (the swine influenza) and Bacillus anthracis (anthrax); and for necropsy tables to prevent the potential spread of organisms during a necropsy.

CBC will design a flexible film (softwall) containment unit or bio-isolator system that will meet your requirements.

Our softwall, restricted access barrier containment units are designed to protect workers and prevent the release of highly pathogenic organisms or highly potent compounds into the surrounding environment.

Some of the features of the CBC softwall (flexible film) containment units include:

  • ✓  System is run under negative pressure.
  • ✓  A totally contained chamber, the system does not use the laminar airflow design (the chamber is completely enclosed).
  • ✓  HEPA inlet and outlet filtration system.
  • ✓  Large removable doors for moving caging or supplies in and out of the unit.
  • ✓  Portable.
  • ✓  Air handing system will automatically turn off the inlet supply when the door is opened or the pressure increases to almost the ambient room pressure, thus maintaining the negative or inward airflow.
  • ✓  An alarm system in case of power or blower failure.
  • ✓  Durable 20 mil. polyurethane for sidewalls and ceiling.
  • ✓  Strong 30 mil. polyurethane flooring (can stand up to heavy caging systems).
  • ✓  Lap Seam construction.
  • ✓  Resealable snap loops for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • ✓  1 1/2" annodized aluminum tubing used for frame.
  • ✓  Provides a restricted access barrier.

Optional equipment:

  • ✓  Water and electrical supply lines.
  • ✓  Environmental monitoring, 24/7 monitoring of items like air pressure, airflow, temperature, and humidity.
  • ✓  LED read outs.
  • ✓  Wireless alarm systems.
  • ✓  Wheels for mobility.
  • ✓  Air handing system that will automatically turn off the inlet supply when the door is opened or the pressure increases to almost the ambient room pressure; thus, maintaining the negative or inward airflow.
  • ✓  Airtight divider panels.
  • ✓  Provides a restricted access barrier.

CBC can design a flexible film unit to fit inside your current BSL 3 lab or around an existing piece of equipment.

Double containment Unit.

Double containment room with a removeable wall to convert a single chamber into two separate chambers.


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Durable Construction

Above: The CBC lap-seam sealing process is more durable than single seam seals.

Above: CBC's 20 mil. polyurethane material is almost indestructible and helps ensure against contamination due to accidental puncture or tear.