Patient Isolation Chamber/Canopy

Negative Pressure – Completely Enclosed – Economical – Customizable

Patient Isolation Chamber/Canopy

Above: The CBC negative pressure Isolation Canopy is completely enclosed for easy and thorough decontamination without risk to surrounding areas.

It can be sized and customized to meet a hospital's space requirements.

When you have a patient with a contagious infection and do not want to move them because of the risk of spreading the infection, the CBC isolation canopy can put a containment barrier around the patient and help protect others in surrounding spaces.

The CBC Isolation Canopy:

  • ✓  Helps reduce spread by airborne transmission.
  • ✓  Helps improve infection control procedures.
  • ✓  Helps increase patient comfort.
  • ✓  Lap-seam seal construction for exceptional durability.
  • ✓  Practical and simple to erect and dismantle.
  • ✓  Negative pressure.
  • ✓  HEPA filtration (ULPA available).
  • ✓  Utility connections available.
  • ✓  Optional hypalon glove ports.
  • ✓  Special designs to protect remote monitoring equipment.

Also, because the unit is portable it can be erected when and where it is needed without permanently taking up valuable hospital space.

Covid 19 virus CBC's negative pressure hospital bed isolation chamber is a temporary containment room designed to help isolate infectious patients that have airborne viruses or other dangerous infections such as COVID 19, ebola, SARS and influenza.

Patient Isolation Canopy back view.
Patient Isolation Canopy side view.
Patient Isolation Canopy cutaway view.


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Durable Construction

Above: The CBC lap-seam sealing process is more durable than single seam seals.

Above: CBC's 20 mil. polyurethane material is almost indestructible and helps ensure against contamination due to accidental puncture or tear.