Negative Pressure Research Isolator Systems

Flexible-Film Decontamination Chambers designed to decontaminate small items such as scales and microscopes.

Decontamination Chamber

Above: The decontamination chamber's connectors can be modified to adapt to your existing sterlizing equipment.

Flexible Film Decontamination Chambers.

CBC decontamination chambers are made out of strong 20 mil urethane film, have a gas tight zipper door and are available in a variety of customizable sizes to meet your specific need.

  • ✓  The unit is mobile so it can be moved from room/lab to lab.
  • ✓  The unit can be built to work with various sterilants such as VHP, chlorine dioxide and ethylene oxide. The system can be designed to work with Steris, Bioquell, ClorDiSys and sterilizing equipment from other companies.
  • ✓  The unit size is customizable. Can be made to accommodate IVC racks.
  • ✓  The units are made out of strong 20 mil urethane film.
  • ✓  Options include gloves for manipulating products inside the unit during deconing, and humidity generator, heating pad, temperature and humidity gauge.

NOTE: For use with chlorine dioxide, the chamber will be made of a black vinyl to prevent the gas being broken down by UV light.

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Durable Construction

Above: The CBC lap-seam sealing process is more durable than single seam seals.

Above: CBC's 20 mil. polyurethane material is almost indestructible and helps ensure against contamination due to accidental puncture or tear.